CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR HIM – Plant based hair and skin essentials from HIVADO.


There has been a metamorphosis and explosion of self-care in the Men’s vanity room. Today’s metrosexual male loves taking care of his hair, skin and more. What impressed us most was this brand which raises the bar to international standards and stands out of the crowd.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI recommends the brand HIVADO which has an exemplary range of skincare, body care, and haircare products for men. This no-fuss-or-frills brand has some innovative variations yet have a simple and straightforward approach to their vision. Just like today’s male who love to take care of his body, HIVADO lives up to their adage of ‘Think of us as a gym for your skin and hair’. 


Founder Sainath and Co-founder & Creative head Shraddha got the idea of HIVADO conceptualized in late 2018 when Sainath and his wife Shradha noticed a stark gap in the men’s personal care space in comparison to international personal care brands.

Here’s a list of the products you could order for HIM as a Christmas gift.

Face Wash

Hivado's Face Wash contents Orange- which helps in brightening the skin and controls acne; Seaweed- that helps in deepth and hydrates your skin while combating pigmentation; Barley Protein-A powerful antioxidant which promotes skin elasticity; Alum aka Phitkari- Owing to its anti-aging properties, it tones and tightens skin.


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Daily Detox Shampoo

The Daily Detox shampoo helps in conditioning hair, deep cleanse it, reduce hairfall and is anti-dandruff. It contains Charcoal which deep cleanses and detoxifies the scalp & removes product build-up from hair, giving it life and bounce; Coconut Oil- Conditions and softens your hair. Strengthens hair and prevents breakage & hair fall. Peppermint- Instantly refreshes and re-energizes your scalp with zingy freshness. Promotes hair growth. Tea Tree - Has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help maintain a healthy scalp, preventing dandruff.

Thick and Full Shampoo

The Shampoo contains Biotin- Helps strengthen and regenerate hair, making strands thicker and stronger. Plant Collagen- These are the building blocks of the protein in your hair. Helps add life and bounce to limp and thin hair. Coconut Oil- Helps prevent protein loss, thereby making hair stronger and healthier. Pink Pomelo- The antioxidants present strengthen hair roots, renewing hair follicles to grow thicker and denser hair.

Body Lotion

The Body Lotion contains Vitamin E-Fights free radicals which helps protect skin from daily pollution; Shea Butter- Conditions, tones and soothes your skin; Watermelon- Improves and nourishes skin's overall texture; Alum aka Phitkari- Helps tighten skin and prevents acne.

Right from the creative, colourful branding to the product formulations, HIVADO walks away with a lot of glory which places it notches high as an international brand.


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