Theatre play review - 'Social Media - Bachke Rehna Re Baba' is a must watch.


Theatre has always been a stress buster for us. Be it the hard-hitting message-oriented plays or the ones that focus on acting histrionics, a live theatre play is always fun to watch. What really clicks with the theatre loving audiences is a hardcore comedy which rejuvenates your mind and gives a hearty laugh. Browse through to know more about this fantastic play we just watched.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI recommends the theatre play 'Social Media - Bachke Rehna Re Baba' as one of the best rib-tickling, laugh-a-thon play of 2022. The play keeps you compulsively hooked to the happenings which flow smoothly without any glitches.

'Social Media - Bachke Rehna Re Baba' comes as a breath of fresh air for #mumbaitheatre lovers. This Blockbuster comedy bonanza is a must-watch for the entire family. Kudos to the actors for the perfect comic timing, there's not a moment of boredom. A wholesome entertainer!

The synopsis:

A sweet and loving couple are living a happy life in the small and simple world they have created for themselves. But they are completely unaware that their real world is going to change drastically when they are introduced to the new world of social media. The couple’s life turns into a roller coaster ride, creating situations full of laughter and fun.

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Script & Screenplay review:

Writer Ssanjay Jha has perfectly packaged a sensitive topic with much ease. The characters are well-fleshed out and the story moves instantly. What we loved about the comedy punches is that they are blended effectively with trending songs which adds more drama to the flow.

A point to add here is the climax where the message is revealed with such ease and comfort without making it a loaded propaganda. Great job Jha!


Direction Review:

Like they say, the director is always the captain of the ship. Director Yogesh Pagare has magically managed and enhanced this play with superb execution. The perfect comic timing, the fine nuances from the actors and an engrossing flow makes this play a wholesome entertainer.

Acting Review:

Vindu Dara Singh has given one of his best, seasoned performance of a lifetime. His character ‘Romanchak’ could have been just another role but the dimensions and refined gradation added makes it an exemplary performance. Vindu has sailed smoothly with all the emotions with consistency and ease.

Payal Goga Kapoor as ‘Vaidehi’, the protagonist’s wife has seamlessly portrayed the role with elegance. Her transformation in the later half is an eye-opener for sure. Great job for sure.

Rajeev Surti as the NRI friend of ‘Vaidehi’ will charm you with his acting this time. A noted choreographer, Rajeev has added another feather to his hat and emerged a winner. We would almost eavesdrop on the conversations from the fairer sex during the interval. Loved all the dancing moves and of course, you make a commendable actor too.

Jaspreet Kaur adds not just the glam quotient to the storyline but leaves a lasting impression also. She has the perfect oomph grace and her acting as a seductress is brilliant.

Jimmy Moses is stupendously fantastic and a blitzkrieg for this entire play. The trouble maker, the flirt, the Casanova who speaks a dozen languages – A STANDING OVATION TO THIS STAR OF 2023. The beauty of his performance is the much evident team spirit where he has no intentions to capitalize the floor and overshadow his fellow actors. Every expression is added with such comic inferences that you wonder what this actor must be in real life. Salute Mr. Jimmy, 2023 is all yours!

We have been getting loads of messages on our Instagram about the next show. We are super glad to announce that Delhi theatre lovers would be witnessing this magic for 4 consecutive shows, thanks to
FELICITY THEATRE taking the play onto their bandwagon. The next dates of the Mumbai show will be announced soon on your Instagram page.

DON’T MISS THIS PLAY…not just are the energies high on the content, you have some brilliant actors giving out an outstanding, topical message too.

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