Indri-Trini Closes Their Inaugural Blockbuster Year with A Platinum Win!


Indri-Trini has much to be proud of as it completes its first year; the number of awards and wins the India-made whisky has garnered, is something that has never been achieved before. It all started during Diwali 2021, when Indri-Trini was launched by the largest malt manufacturer in India, Piccadilly distilleries, located at its hometown namesake, Indri.

The unrivalled wins are proof of the quality of the spirit Indri-Trini single malt whisky is. These well-deserved accolades, detailed below, show that the indigenous whisky has emerged as a worthy contender, and the world is awakening to the new star that is Indri-Trini.


· Gold Medal - Best Indian Single Malt - 13th edition of the International Whiskey Competition 2022 (1st place, 89.2 pts)

· Gold Medal – no age statement category 2022 - The International Spirits Challenge 2022 (Excellent, 91 pts at Ultimate Spirits Challenge)

· Gold Medal - World Whisky Masters

· Best Asian Whisky of the Year - Dom Roskrow’s New Wizards Awards (The NWAs), 2022 

· Silver Medal - International Wine & Spirit Competition (91 pts)

· Best Indian Single Malt Whisky – no age statement category - World Whisky Awards 2022.

· Silver Medal - Whiskies of the World Awards 2021

· Platinum - World Whisky category - Las Vegas Global Spirits Award (96 pts)

About Indri- Trini Single Malt Indian Whisky: 

The whisky Indri is named after where the distillery is located - a quaint village situated in the catchment area of the river Yamuna. Indri (or Indriya) in Sanskrit, denotes the 5 senses i.e., smell, taste, touch, sight and sound, apt for the whisky.

Trini – The Three Wood, is curated by our master craftsmen and distilled using the traditional Indian 6 row barley, carefully blended and matured in selected barrels to bring out the Individual contribution of each wood (first fill bourbon, ex-French wine and PX sherry Casks) without overshadowing the original whisky profile. 

Indri – Trini is bottled at 46%ABV, and is a non-chill filtered whisky.

Hints of black tea, caramelized pineapple with a whiff of oak comes forward, followed by vanilla and honey from the bourbon oak, traces of spiced tannins from the European oak, finally topped up with vinous raisin and sweet sherry notes. Gentle and mellow on the nose.

TASTE: Elegant richness, smooth and warm on the sides of the mouth. Gentle spice and wood characters come through, followed by nutty flavours and hints of burnt pineapple, citrus and raisins

FINISH: A subtle and balanced finish where each flavour compliments the other. A smooth and long aftertaste with sweet fruity flavours that linger in the throat

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