Diwali Special – A Tria-Derm™ Action skin care brand you must check out!


For decades consumers have been made to believe that their skin has problems and need products that can correct the same. Contrary to this, The Pink Foundry believes that ‘your skin is stronger than you think’.

Formulating products that work with your skin’s natural strengths rather than superficially working on it. An innovative skincare brand that pursues creating products that are strongly backed by science, efficacy, and safety. The Pink Foundry works on formulations that stimulate, boost and activate the skin from within. With the Tria-Derm™ Action and a unique formulation of clinically proven ingredients that activate the innate power of your skin, the products allow the skin to not only restore but also enhance strength on the inside and beauty on the outside.

It may be a new brand on the block but it is backed by a strong legacy of manufacturing and R&D through it's parent company Encube Ethicals. The Pink Foundry products are specifically for the Indian Skin type and Indian weather conditions are efficacious and absolutely safe.

The Pink Foundry’s unique mantra of self-love is supported by strong research and science and that’s what makes this an innovative, one-of-a-kind skincare label.

You can check their product range on their website www.thepinkfoundry.com and gift these products to your loved ones!




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