6 must-have BIOTIQUE product investments for your skin and hair!


The secrets of eternal youth, beauty and luscious hair have been elusive since time immemorial. While we have a plethora of beauty product offerings available in the market, one brand has stood out with their products and treatments and made a real difference to the conditioned experience of a beauty conscious consumer’s skin and hair.

This brand has realized nature’s potential and extract the very best from the land and the sea to refresh and revitalize the skin and hair. WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends BIOTIQUE products since they are designed, manufactured and packed by qualified Ayurvedic Doctors and Swiss Cosmetologists. At BIOTIQUE, beautiful skin and hair is not just a promise, it is a heritage.

What super-impressed WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI about the BIOTIQUE range is the inclusion of new combinations and formulations within their face and hair product range. The unique properties of some ancient, untargeted Ayurvedic compositions have been unearthed and revived. The miraculous combinations and double-hatting of the multiple benefits and passing them out to the beauty zone is commendable. Each product showed almost instant results on the skin and the hair. Kudos to the research team for relentlessly introducing new, dynamic innovations without compromising on the quality. And yes, the pricing is equally competitive for the outstanding results the products amplify.

Listed below are the 6-beauty must-have’s we would recommend from the BIOTIQUE range:

Ocean Kelp anti hair fall shampoo

This shampoo has 100% pure botanical extracts of kelp, neem and Bhringraj. While the latter two have been incorporated in most shampoos, kelp adds the ‘wow’ factor to the composition. The basic purpose of a shampoo is not just to cleanse or add sheen to the hair but also promote hair growth and strengthen the roots and this shampoo stands out from the crowd.

We loved the shampoo since we found the liquid thickness quotient on the higher side when compared to the other competitors. You can start off with just a small scoop of it and the aqua blue color would amaze you. The shampoo spreads easily and evenly on wet hair unlike other shampoos where you have to use an abundant quantity. We did notice lesser hair fall and an added voluminous thickness to the hair. The combination of kelp, neem and Bhringraj worked wonders and you would love the fragrant essence once you apply it for around ten minutes.

We recommend you opt for the large bottle pack since this is surely cost-saving and will go a long way.

Green apple shine and gloss shampoo

Another amazing variant in the shampoo range which incorporates green apples extracts which are purifiers, protectors for the hair texture. It also includes sea algae and centella, to purify and nourish the scalp and hair with natural minerals and proteins.

The gloss and shine are visible thanks to the reetha liquid, aloe vera and almond composition. While some would complain of this shampoo being less effective for a dandruff cure, we advocate that one shouldn’t expect wonders in the first wash. Noticeable difference is visible since the hair itching is reduced commendably and the aloe vera and reetha combo almost double the effect as a conditioning option.

For a regular office and outdoor person, this shampoo will do wonders thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Papaya tan removal face scrub

Here again, BIOTIQUE has cracked an amazing breakthrough. Most face scrubs either have a tan removal or a face scrub sold separately. While we are aware of the exfoliating qualities of papaya, this one raises the bench mark with added ingredients like khajur, neem bark, methi seeds and other pure botanical extracts.

On usage, we noticed the removal of dead skin which had a revitalized, soft and supple sheen. The addition of haldi helped removes some blemishes and the tanned skin effect. Worth trying and using at least twice a week.

Cucumber pore tightening refreshing toner

As compared to other toners we have reviewed this one seemed to show the fastest results. Your face would feel fresh and revived. What we noticed as a major USP was the usage of Berberry which is an honored herb which has the richness of anti-bacterial properties. You can feel your skin healing. Added to this is the coolness of the cucumber which restored the puffiness in the skin. The composition also has coriander which is rich in anti-oxidants like Vitamin C.

We suggest you store the bottle in the refrigerator and feel the refreshing and cooling effect it has on your skin.

Morning Nectar moisturizer

Regular face care with the right moisturizer gives the adequate nourishment for the skin. The Morning Nectar Nourish and Hydrate Moisturiser has a miraculous blend of nectar, honey, ashwagandha, wild turmeric, neem leaves and ginger. While most products promote Ashwagandha as a solo product, the inclusion in this moisturizer acts a bonus since it is apt for battling symptoms of skin ageing, such as wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and dark spots.

The absorption quotient of this moisturizer is amazing and fluid. The honey nectar base is smooth and quite effective if used on a regular basis for at least a week. A must have if you want to purify, heal and soothe your skin on a daily basis.

Papaya Deep cleansing face wash

A face wash is a must-have in your beauty closet and everyone must put a stop to using soaps for their face skin in the shower. This product has some deep cleansing properties thanks to the goodness of papaya juice, neem leaves, wild turmeric and walnut shell powder.

You will notice the exfoliation effects with the papaya extracts, an anti-fugal protection with the neem leaves and of course the wild turmeric shows adequate reduction in blemishes especially around the dark circles. Regular usage would show much better improvement although the first usage itself adds the glow to the skin.

Do watch this space for more beauty reviews.

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