Launch of Lucifer's Gold – A blend of Scottish Whiskey and Kentucky Bourbon – Know more about it.


Whiskey lovers now have a brand which will not just steal the limelight but will also get you hooked on to it. Fine whiskey connoisseurs would love the taste, textures and the notes this fine whiskey provides.

Lucifer's Gold, a blasphemous blend of Scottish Whiskey and Kentucky Bourbon that took UK by storm, is now launching in India. The blended whiskey is being brought to India by Monika Alcobev, one of the leading alcohol distributors in India. 

Lucifer's Gold brings out the refined taste of each liquor and merges them to make something enthralling. The unique blend of two distinct beverages produces a distinctive texture and taste. It has all the fruitiness and spice that one expects from Scotch, balanced with the vanilla and charred oak notes from bourbon, to deliver a beautiful balance of sweetness, richness, depth and smoothness. 

Monika Alcobev, formerly known as Monika Enterprises established 12 February 2015, is responsible for bringing over 200+ spirit and wine labels in India, namely,  Jose Cuervo, Bushmills, Lauren Perrier and Diplomatico among others leading global craft brands.


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