5 Monsoon beauty care products, you must buy!


While Monsoon is the most awaited season for most of, not mainly realize the subtle damages it does to our skin and hair. The rains may make the weather pleasant but an added special care has to be taken to ensure your skin is glowing smooth and hair is smooth and bouncy.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI chose to review some products from the Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic since they perfectly fitted the slot for our ‘Rain Special’ series. Aroma Magic has over 170 signature aromatherapy-based products including skin care, hair care, essential oils and curative oils. When we earlier reviewed some of their products, we were thoroughly impressed with the positive healing effect on the mind, body and soul.

Here is the list of must-buy products we recommend for the rainy season:

Pearl facial Kits

Pearl facial detoxifies infected skin from the inside by controlling acne infection and also lightens the blemishes. It leaves your client's skin smooth, calm and deep cleansed.

Our review: One of the most needed beauty treatments during the rainy season is a perfect facial. These kits are surely reduce your beauty treatment costs. This bundle pack includes 5 kits which surely are the best investment for you. Each kit has around 7 treatments which improve the skin, the instruction manual is quite informative and handy.

Besides the cost-saving aspect, the product surely does wonders to your face. Go ahead and use this facial kit and get that pearly look to your skin.

Fairy Skin Oil

Fairy skin oils  help prevent acne, pimples, and balances the sebum level. It also reduces inflammation and blackheads. Witch Hazel extracts, jojoba oil & essential oils of tea tree, it helps prevent acne & pimples, reduces blackheads and also reduces  inflammation.

Our review: This cute little blue bottle may seem a bit expensive and it’s a power-packed solution which does wonders to the skin. What would amaze you that the oil base is totally lacking, the liquid is quite fluid and watery. You can experience an instant reaction to your skin once you apply it. The extract fragrances are amazing, the results are visible – you will find your skin shinning immediately. This one is surely a wonder cure!

Detoxifying Mineral pack

Mineral pack is a natural combination along with glycerin that helps in absorbing impurities and repairing tired skin, thus ensuring your skin is deep clean, firm, and moisturized. The fragrant and healing blend of sandalwood and tea tree essential oils purify skin and enhance your complexion.

Our review: You will notice a glowing skin once you use it. The base is super-smooth and does tighten your skin a bit. We have always endorsed the usage of a pack or face cleansing gel rather than a bath soap – this one is just perfect for cleansing your face once you get home after getting drenched in the rains.

Jasmine Body Wash

This 3-in-1 body wash is suitable for all skin types and can be used in all seasons, all throughout the year. Jasmine extracts in me combine together to give a fresh start to the day and keep your skin youthful and vibrant. It enhances the skin suppleness and reduce the effect of pollution that causes stress for the skin and hair.

Our review: A body wash does the job right if you feel refreshed with the fragrances which come with it. This one has all the skin enhancing properties in the perfect package. A must buy too!

Oil Balancing Shampoo

100% free of parabens, it can nourish your scalp without stripping away the natural oils, while still controlling the oiliness in your hair. Green tea and Tea tree essential oil unclogs hair follicles and maintains the pH levels of the scalp, thereby promoting hair growth and giving it the freedom to flow graciously.

Our review: Getting your hair soaked in rain water, what we mostly do is just towel it off. That’s not the ultimate solution. The scalp needs to be cleared gracefully so that the pH levels are activated from the grime. This oil balancing shampoo is perfectly smooth on the hair and give you bouncing hair with a nourished look.

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