Futuristic Travel Must Have’s in 2022


With the travel season on, there’s been a euphoric surge to accomplish your travel target for the days lost out during the pandemic. No matter how often or why you're traveling, you’ll need a suitcase and backpack that suits your needs. It has to be spacious enough to hold all your stuff, light enough to carry around and durable enough to last year after year. But somehow most of us are bored with the usual, run-of-the-mill colours, shades and shapes especially when it comes to your suitcase.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI recommends THE ORDINARY OBJECT – a brand that has ushered in a target-exclusive travel luggage and accessory alternative range. The styles and dynamics have a futuristic approach and every product adds that much needed value to every travel enthusiast.

THE ORDINARY OBJECT is that exclusive, elusive, limited edition brand that caters to a niche audience. The brand may be on the pricey side but has timeless designs that are show-stoppers – like they say, ‘the eye-ball popping effect’ when you are seen with it. The brand’s marketing and aesthetics are focused heavily on revolutionizing travel trends, breaking all the age-old archaic shapes and getting into the stylized, sleek and visually eye-appealing mode.

Curating the brand styling has been the brainwave of two enterprising partners, Akshay Pundir (who comes from an Automotive Design Background) and Ankur Pandey (who comes from a Robotics Engineering / Entrepreneurial Background). This whiz-duo surely have their ideologies sorted and are all set to created a magnanimous niche in the travel segment.

Over to the duo, to know more about THE ORDINARY OBJECT:

How did the seed of THE ORDINARY OBJECT come into being? Isn’t the travel options segment already a crowded and competitive one?

While travelling together, we waited impatiently near the conveyor belt hoping to get our luggage. More than the delay, it was the inordinate task of identifying our baggage which raised our patience levels. Most of the suitcases and bags were in the usual black, blue and red colours.

This triggered our minds to come up with something unique that stood out from the crowd. Something that was unique not just in colour but also with an eye-catching design. Since we come from different and crazy backgrounds, we brainstormed to devise, evolve and finally execute our dream project, ‘The Ordinary Object’.

But isn’t the brand name ‘The Ordinary Object’ a misnomer for the Millennial generation?

Most Millennials and Gen Z travelers love exploring new places with comfort. Unfortunately, most of them are stuck with vintage travel products being handed over from the previous generation. It’s not just the Gen Z which is our target audience, our products scream loud to all those who love something minimalistic, extremely classy and eye-catching. Our range seeks to stand out but with subtlety. After all, most electronic products and architecture around us is minimal and utilitarian. So, if Apple or an Ikea can become leading, exclusive brands, The Ordinary Object is a modest way to promote a classy range amongst the cream crowd who value a sophisticated look.

How have you tried to be different from what is already available in the market?

We have a vision to create ‘Timeless Travel objects’ that focus on functionality with minimalistic design language with a global appeal. "LESS IS MORE" is being appreciated on the global front, big bulky utility travel products and accessories have lost their charm. Blazing, blatant colours are out all over and have a limited appeal. No flash and frivolous creations is our brand strategy. Our unique design language and extraordinary, value-added experience with our products are still 'Ordinary' but are Limited, Functional, Minimal and Timeless. Connoisseurs who love the extra-ordinary feeling in their lives is our niche market.

Will your designs be limited editions?

We intend on doing only 2000 limited units or 1 year of production per Generation series of ours, whichever comes first. After which we scrap all our old designs and launch our Next Generation. 

What are your future plans?

With the amazing response we have garnered, we are already charged up with our R&D and developing / planning /expanding our product range for the next season. This time, the innovation and uniqueness will scale to penultimate heights. So, a lot more unique products are on the way.


The travel case:

We chose to opt for the pure white travel case which is a startling and scintillating change from the blatant colours that are available with the competition. 

The travel case is sleek and seductive with all the trappings and more additions to utility. It has a Stealth Lock System, Wide Stance Handle and Aluminum and ABS body. This travel case is surely a show-stopper edition which could pop eye-balls and second looks every time you use it at the airports.

The BagPack:

Sleek and compact with value additions to the backpack make it an extraordinary, stylized piece which can be used not only for travel but also for office meetings. We loved the uniqueness that is baked into the product. 

This hard-shell backpack with 180° access perfect for 1 nights stay too. The add-on which makes it more user-friendly is the mobile charging point which comes in handy while you are on the go. Yes, you would need a separate power bank placed within the bag for the connectivity to work.

The ChestRig:

Have you ever during backpacking had to search your pockets to find your compass, gloves, chargers, keys, bottle-opener or other small essentials? This ChestRig is something perfect for you. Thanks to it you are able to carry all your essentials on your chest.

This travel accessory puts an end to all those sling bags and bulging waist pouches you are accustomed to. This ChestRig helps secure your belongings close to you during exploration and giving you easy access to the most important items. The ChestRig is almost like a style statement which gives you a James Bond feeling with this accessory holding strong to your chest.

They have two variations in style and colour and both have adequate sections to hold your travel necessities snuggly and securely. Some Gen Z clients also use it for their marathons and workouts.

The Vessel:

A must travel accessory for all those travelers who need something to drink not just for their treks but even on a road trip. 

This one is a thermal variation with an anti-spill filter so you can drink peacefully even on the bumpiest of roads. Launched in charcoal black, this vessel has a robotic, sleek shape which gives it a stylized look.  


A round of applause to the two whiz kids, Akshay Pundir and Ankur Pandey for unfurling revolutionistic dimensions with their brand, THE ORDINARY OBJECT. The brand focused on a Target-exclusive luggage and travel accessory brand which believes in the marketing maxim, ‘Premium quality has a price which the niche segment will willingly pay for’.

This luxury brand is on the pricey side but has timeless designs that never go out of style. The brand’s marketing and aesthetics are focused heavily not just on creating that earth-shaking visual impact but has equally ticked all the check boxes on the utility front. Every product in their range has been a top performer in our tests thanks to its spacious interior that's easy to pack and its wheels and handles that make it smooth and comfortable to maneuver. It outperformed even pricier styles, so you know you’re getting bang for your buck.

Be it a rugged exterior, a capacious interior, comfortable and adjustable straps, locks and swirling wheels – THE ORDINARY OBJECT has ensured strict quality standards are adhered to. and a removable daypack. We surely loved the innovativeness in the ChestRig too which comes handy not just for travel but also in your daily schedule.

Finally, a strong recommendation from WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI, it’s time to grab the exchange offer the brand has for a limited period and make that ballistic style statement on your travel trips, treks and staycations.


You can book your orders on https://www.theordinaryobject.com/ and follow them on Instagram @the.ordinary.object

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