Gifting Ideas – India’s favourite “Cabo – White rum with coconut liqueur”


Do you fancy a liqueur that can be drunk anytime and yet hold the fort on its own? Well, we chose to review “Cabo – White rum with coconut liqueur” which turned out to be mild, a bit sweet tasting and quite similar to Malibu – the Caribbean rum.

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI strongly recommends “Cabo – White rum with coconut liqueur”?

Cabo white rum with coconut liqueur comes from the Adinco Distilleries stable which is a family-owned multi-spirit boutique distillery which prides itself in producing alcoholic beverages of the highest quality. With a growing culture of social drinking and evolving tastes, Adinco’s brands have gained a welcome acceptance in India’s booming social class. With a Promise of Quality and taste in every drop and a notable portfolio of diverse blends, the company is all set to enter into a new era as it opens its doors to newer markets.

It’s almost like a bottled cocktail, of course you can mix it with other spirits and curate your own concoctions. Back home in Goa, cocktail lovers add a dash of feni to spike up the ‘kick’ quotient and blend the flavours. You can also add a generous serving of lime juice if you don’t want your cocktail to be too sweet. Overall, the coconut liqueur flavour is surely relish worthy and adds a new dimension to a cocktail.

Go ahead, if you are the adventurous cocktail lover – go ahead and order your

bottle from Or connect with them on their Instagram handle @cabodegoa. They would surely assist you where you can find the location nearest to you.

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