Review – TAC’s Ubtan Foaming Face Wash


Face and skin care is of utmost importance especially now when the summer is rolling in. One needs to regularly clean the skin to ensure that the skin’s oil balance is maintained. This time, we chose to review TAC’s Ubtan Foaming Face Wash.

Our review points:

1.    Coming from the house of TAC (The Ayurveda Company), we were assured of an amazing quality. Buying this was surely the perfect choice.

2.    The second reason to opt for this was since an Ayurvedic brand ensures natural ingredients that have been time-tested and have great values attached to them.

3.    The packaging is premium, gives a luxury feel altogether.

4.    The product  has been made with natural elements of Ayurveda like turmeric extract, saffron extract, mustard oil, sandalwood extract, aloe vera, neem and amla extract, cucumber extract. To the best of our knowledge, such a diverse combination isn’t available in the market.

5.    Over a 3-day trial, our reviewer noticed that unwanted blemishes cleared and the skin retained its glow after a day out in the sun.

6.    The foaming brush is hand-held, the bristles are smooth and effective with the usage. A normal hand scrub of using a face wash is cumbersome, the brush makes the motions easier and enhances blood circulation.

#MumbaiHighLife Rating is 5 Stars!

Truly premium, power-packed with Ayurvedic properties.

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