What made Shrashti Maheshwari proud as a child?


Shrashti Maheshwari who plays the character of Avni in ‘Tujhse Hai Raabta’ said, “The fundamental rights that I sincerely follow are Right to Equality and right to freedom. I strongly believe that a d difference between a girl and a boy must not limit anyone to  freely speak or express themselves. A person is not defined by their gender but by their will to achieve all that they wish in life. 

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"I clearly remember the one moment when I felt really proud to be an Indian was when I became NCC sergeant from NCC cadet and won the best commanding officer of NCC in 2012. When they were giving me the badges for the best commanding officer, my parents were also present there and it was a proud moment for both of us. I also feel proud to be an Indian because of the vast culture in India and that culture can be carried from generation to generation. Given a choice I wouldn’t want to leave this country.”


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