Mother's Day Special - Shweta Sethi Bhuchar - A child's first teacher is her mother.


A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. Moms have managed to slot themselves in my zones, be it a teacher, a friend and even a soul mate. Their unconditional love and subtle naggings (as kids would perceive) become a reality when a daughter becomes a mother. The retrospection realization that seeps into the new mother is an eye-opener. Now she knows why her mom told her what to do.

So close to the case of Delhi based Shweta Sethi Bhuchar (Director, Founder – SGDREAMMEDIA ventures), who confirms that Moms are the best and first teachers in every child’s life. In this free-wheeling interview, Shweta talks about moments with her mom, Seema Sethi and her son, Rakshit Bhuchar.

 What has been the most favourite memory of your Mom?

Picking just one memory and labelling it as my favourite is a difficult task.  I believe that every moment spent with your mother is timeless and precious. But if I have to pick one memory then it would be helping her in the kitchen while she cooks for the family. Years of learning and practice and yet, I still cook as delicious as she does. The kitchen walls hold our numerous laughs, lessons and secrets that we shared while making those rounds chapattis and the mouth-watering curry.

What are some special memories you have about your mom, where she went out of the way to keep you happy?

Mothers are selfless beings who always put their families before themselves. Their unconditional love, with that magical wand of spreading happiness and yet binding the entire family together always is note-worthy. If fathers are known for their strong personality, mothers are the exact opposite yet more supreme. My mom sacrificed her career so that I could live my dreams which eventually became her dream too.

What are the two lessons from your Mom which have made you a better individual?

A child's first teacher is her mother. She teaches the difference between right and wrong. Two most important lessons my mother taught me is to always respect the other person and never lose your belief/faith in something you do. I lived by these principles and such lessons I think are not taught in the best of text-books also so effectively like a Mom does.

How was your relationship with your mom over a period of time? How has it evolved over a period of time?

Mothers become friends with age and that happened with us too. She was and is my secret sharing buddy to whom I can blabber about anything and everything without any fear of judgment. More than anything having your mom as your best friend entails that your secrets will never be shared or leaked out at all. And yes, you also get the best advice and solution.

Any moment in life where you hurt your mom and are sorry about it. Do narrate the incident.

There are ups and downs in everyone's life. If a relationship isn't sweet and sour at the same time, there's no newness. I might have hurt my mother but what I did next made our bond stronger. Realizing my mistake and apologizing for it really helped.

How are you and your mom different from each other?

I would say I possess many qualities of my mother because she made me into the individual I am today. We are definitely different but our core beliefs are same.

Any moments in life (related to your mom) you would like to change or alter. Why?

Everything happens for good. There's nothing I would like to change as such but I would prefer to spend some more quality time with my mother.

Is there a generation gap between youngsters with their parents?

Surely the generation gap exists but what is more important is to bridge this gap with love and understanding. The kind of environment we grew up was very different from theirs. We need to understand that and try to make up for it and so do they.

Being a mom, what is the right way to bring up your child?

I, too am a mother and now standing in those shoes I could relate to all the things my mother did for me and I will do for my child.
As for my son, life took a dramatic change once motherhood happened to me. Today, when I look at him standing tall and handsome, my eyes gleam just like when I had met my husband.

I always wanted to thanks him for giving me the joy of being a mom. What better way than to do it on Mother’s Day!

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