Anahita Irani – On the parenting scale, I would rate myself on 8.


The beauty of motherhood is not in the freshly pressed shirts or frocks and smiling photos we show the world. The beauty of motherhood is in the folds and creases of our lives, the grimaces and tantrums, the moments when Moms have to grit their teeth and get through when the kids pound on windows and yell and scream and demand better of each other and ourselves.
With changing times, the mindset of today’s youngsters has changed dramatically. It’s upto you as a Mom how easily and effectively you manage to bridge the gap.

Anahita Irani, a teacher and content writer, goes through the test and shines with flying colours.

Is there a generation gap between youngsters with their parents?
This is only in some aspects of thinking. Otherwise I don’t see much of a gap. Mom can be just one of us. She enjoys singing, dancing, playing games and laughing with the younger generation.

If you are a mom or single, what is the right way to bring up your child?
I am a Mom and I think I did well raising my child. I have made her independent while guiding her to take the right decisions. Overall I give myself an 8/10 for being the mom I am.

Any other memories or points besides this which you would like to add.
During the time of my daughter’s wedding, Mom stayed over and helped out for functions in the house. That is something I will always be thankful for. Some beautiful memories where 3 generations: Mom, Me and daughter spent together.

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