Mother's Day Special - Parenting tips from TV actor Shubhaavi Choksey.

Shubhaavi Choksey - It is very sad actually, Drug addiction just spreading like wildfire. I think if they can think about doing other things such as meditation, yoga, dancing or any other activity which will help them to come out of their addiction, it would be helpful. I think there is no end to drugs, and it damages your entire system from within. And as a mother, I have that fear for my child too. I think the main root cause is peer pressure and I remember during my time, that is in the 90's, peer pressure was all about doing well in school and college or in your career. 

Now, it is all about looking nice, having more followers on Instagram. It has become more materialistic. And I think children should confide in their parents but I don't think they would. And it is something that every parent will discourage, but I think parents are the best people who can help their children to come out of it. And I think since the last 20 years, sorry to say this but everything from the west has been coming to our country. And it is really sad that they are taking everything best from us like culture ie. yoga, becoming more spiritual, becoming vegetarian. They are taking things from us and we are taking things from them. I don't know where are we headed.

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