Exposed – The real truth behind the Kapil Sharma – Sunil Grover Split story!

A lot has been written about the said feud of India’s top comedians. But the andhar ki baat is something else. The drama and hype which is being created is just to increase the TRP ratings and rake in more sponsorship for the patch-up show scheduled in the first week of April 2017.

SONY TV has tried this stunt earlier too. There was a tiff created on the music reality show Indian Idol for one of its seasons. Anu Malik and singer Sonu Nigam had a vitriolic fight in the media, who had lapped up the split story. The media went berserk for a week with one of the judges not attending the show for a couple of episodes. Some temporary replacements were provided.

Post 14 days, silent whispers were sent out to the electronic channels about a patch-up. SONY TV head NP SINGH, Anu Malik and Sonu Nigam met at a secluded spot. Channel teams impatiently waited out for two hours. Post this, the trio emerged with smiles on their faces. Happy and all sab theek hain interviews were given. In the bargain, the channel had already lapped up more prime sponsors and the TRPs in the coming shows hit the rooftops.

With the current drama, there are talks of roping in Raju Shrivastava to mediate the quarrel. But it will ultimately be Siddhu who will bell the cats!

It’s quite a shame that the media doesn’t look through these acts and gives coverage to the show!

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