Chef Ananda Solomon’s Crab Fest Bonanza at BHARAT EXCELLENSEA deserves a 10 STAR RATING.


If you love your seafood, then this South Bombay restaurant should definitely be on your radar. We got a whiff of their sizzling flavour and menu from a Consulate friend of ours who went ga-ga over their menu. Apparently, this restaurant has been dishing out some of the most sumptuous fishy fare in Mumbai and has diners flocking to their tables for lunch and dinner. We were lucky to feast on their CRAB FOOD FESTIVAL and you bet - WE SURELY HAD A LIP-SMACKING EXPERIENCE!

WHAT’S HOT IN MUMBAI is elated, honored and grateful to the Universe for unfurling delectable Chef Special menus that tantalize our taste buds. It was a prestigious celebration to be served by none other than LEGEND, Maestro CHEF ANANDA SOLOMON at the Crab Fest Bonanza being hosted at BHARAT EXCELLENSEA  in South Bombay.

Humility personified Chef Ananda has rolled out an array of tantalising preparations with the finest seafood delicacies especially the CRAB. While we have been part of other seafood festivals, BHARAT EXCELLENSEA has shattered all records and achieved a PERFECT 10!

"We are thrilled to present our Crab Festival, where we have curated a diverse menu of crab preparations from various regions to celebrate the versatility of this delightful seafood," said Mr. Suraj Salian, Founder of Bharat Excellensea. "Our passion for culinary excellence drives us to ensure that each dish is crafted with the freshest ingredients and utmost care, guaranteeing an unforgettable dining experience for all our guests." added Chef Ananda Solomon.

The menu is lip-smacking, a perfect delight  for the seafood aficionado or a curious foodie. We cherished the dynamite flavours of Chef Ananda’s menu - the perfect tanginess of raw mango, the epitomic sizzle using pineapples, the freshest catch, the thespian art of seductive and exotic vegetarian dishes - the list is long. BHARAT EXCELLENSEA deserves a reverberating applause for curating a Crab special menu from Mumbai to Kerala - each dish with a diverse flavour that leaves endearing memories. Kudos to Mr. Suraj Salian, Founder of Bharat Excellensea for carving a niche fine dining segment for South Bombay food connoisseurs. 

Here are our recommendations: 

Starting off with the soups, the Crab meat soup and lemon coriander soup are the perfect starting points which set the mood for the delectable meal. The abundant crab meat, the intrinsic Indian spice tinge, the perfect balance of starch - make this a spectacular opening swing. 


Paneer Pollichottu and Meen Pollichottu were two variations we chose since our one-plus was a vegetarian. Served in a banana leaf, you will notice the thick layering of spicy marination which is true bliss and divine on flavours. The fish is a soft fresh catch and the paneer is outstanding too. The twist here is the pineapple diced pieces which act as taste balancers and mystical on the flavour front. 

Another stunning starter is the Prawns in raw mango. The veg variation includes Broccoli which is mind-blowing too. The raw mango tinge with its juicy inflows add that dramatic flourish which you regret not incorporating in your daily cooking. 

To check the video, click HERE


Mushroom ghee roast - One of the best versions of Ghee roast we have tried so far. A rich creamy variation that pairs beautifully with appams or neer dosa. rotis, rice or appams. The mushrooms were perfectly cooked, we loved the stylised cuts, the spicy and tangy gravy and the wholesome aromatic ghee flavor. Don’t miss out on this. 

Crab gassi - Absolutely Flavorful, flaming and fused with wafting, fragrant aromatic spices. Rich, thick, creamy gravy creates that titillating, tongue tickling sensation which ensures you finish the entire dish. 

Neer Dosa - The softest, pillowiest neer dosas we have tried. Our version had thick strands while served with the mushroom ghee roast. You have the option to have the dosa served as a sandwich too. 


Elaneer Payasam and Tub tim grob are both vegetarian - wholesome, heavenly and a class apart from what you have tasted so far.  

For Mocktails, we chose the Kokam Fizz which had the perfect cooling effect to douse the spice tinge if required. The Kala Khatta Frozen Flows cocktail is a perfect piece of art atonement for the meal. 

The Crab Fest Bonanza is valid till 17th September, 2023. For reservations and inquiries: +919004098196. Don't miss this opportunity to savour the ocean's finest bounty!

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