Short film review - Akuri….and a pinch of hope – Rating 4.5 Stars - Masterpiece – it gets AKURI on the world map!

By Aryeman Raj

In a nutshell:
While most established Bollywood film directors resort to erotica to garner the views on the digital media platform, this film definitely comes as a breath of fresh air. Its narrative breezes you and inspires you to live life at its fullest.
The symbolism of the storyline has been perfectly interwoven with the world famous Parsi dish ‘Akuri’. Every scene has a message and a learning attached to it. I won’t dwell on the scenes and spoil the show.
Hats off to Prerna Madhok and the executive producer for showcasing such a fantastic concept to the world. A big hug to Jamshid Roointon for bolstering the image of the Parsi community with such aplomb. You need a standing ovation.

What I loved about the film:
·        Story, screenplay writer and director Jamshid Roointon has hit the bull’s eye when it comes to perfection. Every scene is a cinematic delight. Bringing to focus the Parsi community and their favourite cuisine with such élan is commendable. Drawing inferences from the recipe to one’s life has been etched out with strong messages that linger with you for a lifetime.
·        The introductory scene wherein the camera captures every moment without giving the actor’s face is innovative. DOP Suresh Beesaveni has always worked in excellent projects and carved a niche for some Wow scenes in the films. His wizardry is at its peak for sure.
·        You may find the collage scenes long drawn out but look for the hidden magic in getting those candid shots.
·        Editor Shankh Rajyadhyaksha waves his magical editing wand with such finesse that increases the tempo is some places like a lightning bolt. Apparently he is also the executive producer (Axis Jump Films). Watch out for the zip-zap-zoom cuts in the flashback scene. Knowing Shankh’s magic, this scene is a scene-stealer.
·        Background Score & Music by Shubhankar is soothing and holistic. His skills raise the bars at various levels of the film. ‘Hope ki Rope’ performed by Shaan is lilting and ethereal.

Now for the actors:
·        Cyrus Irani, played by Darshan Gokani will charm you with his simplicity yet classy demeanour. Darshan has imbibed the fine nuances of being a Parsi and emerged a true winner. His crisp white shirts, not overdoing the clichéd Parsi acting and constant playing with his eyes for that special effect have made his character loveable and endearing.
·        Sadiq Sheikh’s character played by Sushant Kandya has multiple dimensions. And believe this actor has given a mind-blowing performance. From sorrow to frustration to shock, his mannerisms are never repeated. It’s actors like these who go a long way with their cinematic passion.
·        Firdaus Mevawalla as the café owner sails through with kid gloves. He’s always been a treat to watch although he has underplayed his role as per the character requirements.
Some points that got me thinking:
·        Most restaurants have banned cigarette smoking on their premises. How on earth does an Irani restaurant allow this? Creative liberties, I suppose. But yes, that scene is an integral path of the film.
·        Cyrus buys a single cigarette, smokes it while chatting with Sadiq. After leaving, Sadiq finds a cigarette lying on the table with Cyrus’s lighter. How come?
·        When Cyrus gets the present, the date mentioned is 2015. Why the delay since we are in 2017? Was it to overshadow the cigarette smoking scene in the hotel?

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